Nursery Admissions


From September 2024, we are expanding our provision to include Early Years. This has its own admission procedures.

For 3 year olds.

  • All children are entitled to 15 hours funded childcare, starting the term after their third birthday.
  • Some 3 year old children may be eligible for an additional 15 hours funded childcare, i.e. 30 hours per week. Information on eligibility for nursery funding, please follow the link below.

Families do not need to claim for 15 hours funding. This is a Universal Offer. We will register your child. If eligible for 30 hours funding you will receive an individual code which you must provide to us.

If you are eligible for 15 hours funding but not eligible for the 30 hours funding, we may be able to arrange for you to pay for additional sessions. These will be charged at £18.00 per 3 hour morning or afternoon session, payable directly to school.

For 2 year olds:

  • Some 2 year old children may be eligible for 15 hours funded childcare the term after their second birthday. Information on eligibility for 2 year old funding, please follow the link below.
  • If your 2 year old child is not entitled to funded hours, you can apply for a paid place using our application procedures.

Greenleas Primary governing body have prioritised the allocation of places in the order of the groups below:

  1.  3 Year olds that will turn 4 in this academic year.
  • Priority will be given to those children turning four in that academic year using the same criteria applied by Wirral Borough Council when allocating Foundation 2 school places.
  1. Looked After Children and/or children who meet the criteria for the LA Deaf Resourced Base are admitted as a priority
  2. Any children with siblings at the school are admitted as a priority.
  3. Age - children turning 4 within the academic year
  4. Children living in the school's catchment area.
  1. 2 Year olds that will turn 3 in this academic year.

If there are places left after the 3 year olds that will turn 4 in this academic year have been allocated places, the Governing Body will offer a place to the children who will become three during the academic year based on the following guidelines:

  • Children with special educational needs which have been identified through statutory assessment.
  • Children whose 3rd birthday falls between 1st September and 31st December.
  • Children whose 3rd birthday falls between 1st January and 31st March.
  • Children whose 3rd birthday falls between 1st April and 31st August.
  1. 2 Year olds (eligible for funding) that will not turn 3 until the next academic year.
  • Children who turn 2 between 1st September and 31st December (Eligible from 1st January)
  • Children who turn 2 between 1st January and 31st March (Eligible from 1st April)
  •  Children who turn 2 between 1st April and 31st August (Eligible from 1st September)
  1.  2 year old places (not eligible for funding) can be paid for immediately after the child turns 2.

If a child turns 2 during a term, parents can pay for their sessions immediately.  Funding (when available) will only commence at the start of the next term following the second birthday. 

At each stage of the criteria above, preference will be given to applying children if they have existing siblings either in the pre-school or the school

We do not offer provision for children under the age of two years old.

In addition the Governing Body has the following guidelines with respect to applications to the pre-school:

  • Once a child has been offered a place in the pre-school, we expect them to retain that place up until the time they move to their chosen primary school Foundation 2 (Reception class).  Any funding agreement is determined by the setting/s the child is in at the time of the termly headcount.  If your child moves to a different provider after this date, the funding is not transferred.
  • Families are asked via the Pre-School Application form, to indicate their preferences for sessions e.g. mornings, afternoons, 30 hours . The school will do all it can to meet these preferences so long as there are places available.
  • The Governing Body will consider all applications strictly on a case by case basis and they reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to alter and/or amend any of the criteria above in any circumstances that they deem fit.  (An example of which, without limitation to the generality of this provision, would be where a circumstance is considered a health and safety risk to any member of staff and/or children).

Applications for a place will only be accepted through the online application form. If you would like to apply for a nursery place please fill in the Google form below:

Application Form -GPS Nursery Sept 2024

Dates and deadlines for applications are summarised in the table below:


If your child’s third birthday is:

Earliest your child can start Nursery is

Applications open:

Applications close:

Place offers issued

Between 1st April 2024 –       31st August 2024

September 2024

Now open

(from 2025 February 1st)

 April  15th  2024 (from 2025 March 31st)

April 2024

Between 1st September 2024 – 31st December 2024

January 2025

September 1st 2024

October 29th 2024

November 2024

Between 1st January 2025 –  31st March 2025

April 2025

December 1st 2025

January 31st  2025

February 2025

The deadline for places for the next academic year (September 2024 start) is 19th April 2024.   Transition events begin Mid May.

'In Year' places for January and April start are offered on availability. 

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