Religious Education

Learning through Religious Education and Worldviews at Greenleas

It is our aim at Greenleas, through the teaching of Religious Education and Worldviews, to prepare pupils for the spiritual and intellectual challenges of living in a world with diverse religions and beliefs as well as non-belief. We aim to provide an ambitious curriculum to give all pupils the knowledge and cultural capital and oracy they need to succeed in life. It enables pupils to understand the ideas and practices of a diversity of religions and non-religious worldviews and to express their views fluently. Religious literature (including art, music, poems, scripture) is used to introduce key concepts and knowledge, and children are given opportunities to reflect on their personal knowledge. 

We provide a range of opportunities for children to learn about and respect their own and other cultures and beliefs. We follow the Wirral Scheme of Work (2019) which allows the children to learn about a range of faiths as well as the wider world and global issues such as Climate Change, Fairtrade, Harest, Making choices in the community and learning about special places and people.

As well as delivering engaging and enquiry-based lessons, children have the opportunity to visit different places of worship and identify with members of the community from different cultures and beliefs. Also, children take part in regular collective worship through whole school assemblies and class reflection centred around a range of topics within RE and Worldviews and SMSC.

Parents and carers have a right to withdraw their child from all or parts of the RE curriculum.

Religious Education Intent

  • To provide pupils with opportunities to identify questions and define enquiries, to develop enquiries by comparing and analysing a range of ideas and viewpoints, and to use empathy and reflection to evaluate their personal knowledge.
  • To ensure that Religious Education makes an important contribution to pupils’ oracy skills in Literacy, promoting questioning, discussion, critical thinking skills, reading and evaluative skills.
  • To ensure that Religious Education makes a significant contribution to British Values in that it fosters respectful attitudes to people with different views, faiths or Worldviews from their own.
  • To promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • To promote each pupil’s self-worth through the development of their ideas, values, practices and identities.
  • To develop pupils’ cultural capital in order for them to be educated citizens.

Please read our Religious Education and World Views policy for further information on implementation and impact. 

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